Frequently Asked Questions

Contaminants or substances that can significantly damage auto, marine and more paint and protective finishes. These substances originate from many sources, from neighbors’ spray painting projects, to painters finishing or revitalizing new buildings, construction companies repainting roads, or industrial incidents like fires or chemical spills.

Often times, wet paint is left unattended or a mere breeze will redirect the path of paint sprayed during projects to nearby areas, affecting vehicles, marine vessels, and homes. Other times, fires or other events can cause damaging soot or ash that damage auto paint and finishes.

Our unique process does not remove paint or clear coat finishes. We are able to methodically target contaminants that impact surfaces, while restoring original protective and paint coatings to pre-loss condition time efficiently and cost effectively, providing quality that retains value and appearance.

Allied Overspray is partners with both commercial and consumer insurance carriers, with full claims management, inspection appraisal, and of course restoration and repair services, ultimately making the process simplified for insurance partners, policyholders, claimants, and end users. 

Phone, text, email or fill out our online inquiry form, and we’ll do the rest.

Allied Overspray provides a high quality restoration to pre-loss condition, and does so in the most economical manner for all parties. We understand how stressful it can be to have multiple claims at the same time. At Allied and Nexterra, we make things simple, cost-effective and timely… to restore your peace of mind.

Prior unrelated damage does not hinder our inspection and restoration process in restoring the paint of your vehicle. Our technicians will address any damage and would be happy to explain in how our process bypasses damage.

It is never a bad idea to see if contaminants will come off in a car wash, but often times soap and water are not enough. Many of the typical Overspray contaminants can be tough, hardened industrial epoxies, chemical residues from factories, or notoriously durable road paint all remain after a simple car wash. It takes special tools and know how to remove those contaminants!

Allied Overspray’s headquarters is in the scenic Hermitage, TN, but our network of technicians and partners spans across the lower 48, as well as offices in Europe and Australia. 

Our mission to is to help solve challenges of all sizes. Whether an isolated spray paint incident, or a 1,000+ contaminated automotive dealership facility, we deliver claim, inspection, appraisal, restorative repair and complete claim file package processing. Allied’s competitive pricing allows us to serve those with both commercial and consumer insurance, as well as firms that self-insure and individuals who prefer to not file claims.

Cycle times vary depending on property types and contaminants. Typically, passenger cars with industrial paint can be turned around within 6-12 hours. Our technicians provide timely, comprehensive information, and reviewing the entire restoration and repairs process in an organized, simplified and non-intrusive manner.