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Allied Overspray is a highly innovative overspray removal company focused on providing exceptional service in restoring vehicles to their original conditions for over 10 years. We are a trademark of Dent Concepts LLC.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team of technicians are certified in overspray removal. We take value in our ability to complete vehicles considered overspray affected.


Our process is simple and safe with the priority of removing the contaminant to get your vehicle back to its original shape without harming the finish. We service all makes and models of vehicles affected by overspray with our non-abrasive removal technique. Our focus is removing overspray from vehicles, water vessels, aircraft, and residential and commercial buildings. We are committed to restoring vehicles to their original state while providing exceptional service.

Allied Overspray serves:

  • Insurance Companies
  • Industrial Contractors
  • Auto Dealers
  • Individual Vehicle Owners


Overspray is any airborne foreign contaminant, usually from painting projects or industrial fallout that sits on the clear coat of a vehicle’s exterior panels. It is capable of blowing miles away and landing on any surface and is not washed off easily. Some Oversprays like fire soot and chemical fallout settle very low on the clear coat and will seep into the pores of a vehicle’s finish, often requiring a deep polish using releasing agents.

At Allied Overspray, every step in our proprietary overspray removal process has been carefully designed with the integrity of the vehicle’s finish in mind. Our removal process is 100% non-abrasive and we service all makes and models.


First, a thorough inspection is performed with the claimant. All pre-existing damages such as chips, dents, and scratches are acknowledged verbally and in writing on our 3 part Signed Release of Satisfaction, or SROS form.


A complete hand wash and polish process is then performed on all vehicles. We utilize numerous safe techniques to remove the contaminated material from all painted surfaces, glass, chrome, and moldings. We implement a specialized process to safely remove contaminants from moldings and textured surfaces; a process very few technicians are familiar with.


Exterior detailing includes hand waxing along with cleaning & dressing the wheels & tires. A final inspection is done to ensure that there are no smudges or streaks visible. The vehicle is then presented to the claimant for final inspection. Any additional work that is required is identified on the Signed Release of Satisfaction form. A signature of approval is obtained and the original copy of the SROS form will be scanned and placed within our tracking software. (Audatex, CCC One or Mitchell software).

FAQs —

What exactly is "Overspray"?
Any contaminant (paint, fire soot, chemical fallout) that can move miles away from the source through the air and attaches on the smooth surface panels of your vehicle. You will be able to see these contaminants on your vehicle’s surface as leave a spotty and rough texture to your vehicle. These floating contaminants can discolor, stain, and damage your vehicle if not treated correctly.
How does Overspray end up on top of my vehicle?
Even a slight breeze can carry contaminants through the air from a variety of sources, here are some of the situations we have experienced: – Wet paint from large infrastructure and buildings – Waste from chemical and petroleum plants – Small fragments from construction projects – Debris from wet cement and fresh asphalt
Will this Overspray removal process harm my vehicle?
Not at all, our unique overspray removal process is 100% non-abrasive and safe for your vehicle!
Do you work directly with insurance companies?
Absolutely, we work directly with your insurance so you dont have to.
How do I file an overspray Claim?
Contact us by phone or fill out this form and one of our lovely claims specialists will contact you ASAP.
How much does Overspray removal cost?
Allied Overspray offers exceptional service at affordable prices, we cut out the middleman, and deal with insurance companies to lower costs for you.
What if my car was already dented and/or scratched before?
No worries! All pre-existing damages such as chips, dents, and scratches are acknowledged. Our signature process will not further damage your vehicle.
Can I just get my car washed instead?
No sorry 🙁 Overspray can only be removed with our cleaning process. However we do make sure that your vehicle comes out looking squeaky clean. A complete hand wash and polish process is performed on all vehicles. We will even detail your wheels and tires!
Where are we located?
3810 Central Pike #104, Hermitage, TN 37076
Who can use Allied Overspray?
We serve vehicle owners, industrial contractors, auto dealers, and our mobile repair units are available nationwide.
How long does it take to finish?
Our fast and efficient process offers a quick turnaround time that wont keep you waiting. At Allied Overspray we understand that you just want to get back on the road in your clean car.


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