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Allied’s proprietary process preserves the value of vehicles and property and diligently removes all contaminants, while leaving paint unharmed and spotless!

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Overspray is any airborne foreign contaminant, usually from painting projects or industrial fallout that sits on the clear coat of a vehicle’s exterior panels. It is capable of blowing miles away and landing on any surface and often cannot be removed by a simple car wash. Some Overspray damage claims and occurences, like fire soot and chemical fallout, settle very low on clear coats- seeping into the pores of vehicle’s finish, and often require a deep polish with releasing agents.

At Allied Overspray each step in our proprietary process is carefully designed to maintain the integrity of the pre-loss vehicle’s finish. Our removal process maintains the value and condition of the paint, and we service all makes and models of passenger vehicles all the way up to aircraft or trailers.



Condition and damages are noted with appraisal estimating systems, with unrelated prior damages clearly and digitally documented.



We utilize quality driven techniques and tools to remove contaminated materials from painted surfaces, glass, chrome, and moldings. 



Last step is an exterior detail of the vehicle or property to ensure total quality is delivered so the customer can inspect and the technician can identify and explain if additional work is required.

About Us

About Allied Overspray

Allied Overspray is part of the automotive claims and restoration industry’s most nimble and innovative organization, Nexterra. Focused on providing accuracy, quality, highly responsive service that provides peace of mind for clients and vehicle owners alike. Our decades of automotive claims, appraisal inspection, and restoration experiences allow us to navigate the simplest to highly complex overspray claims with confidence and clarity. Our combined networks of Collision Repair Centers and dedicated Mobile Technicians are the preferred choice for multiple insurance partners, automotive dealerships, and vehicle owners across the nation. Allied Overspray is proud to be recognized as an I-CAR Sustaining Partner.

Our Services

Allied Overspray’s proprietary process preserves the value of vehicles and property and diligently removes all contaminants while leaving paint unharmed and spotless! Our technicians are certified to remove Overspray from all makes and models- plus aircraft, water vessels, residential, and commercial buildings.

Allied Overspray Clientele include:

  • Insurance Carriers
  • Industrial Contractors
  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Individual Owners (RVs, Tractor Trailers, and more)